Our Beliefs

While We derive my doc­tri­nal beliefs from the Bible, we believe that these fine doc­u­ments accu­rate­ly express what the Bible teach­es. We sub­scribe to the 1689 Lon­don Bap­tist Con­fes­sion of Faith.  Addi­tion­al helps to explain my doc­tri­nal beliefs include the Doc­trines of Grace, the Ref­or­ma­tion Doc­trines (5 Solas), and the 9 Marks of a Healthy ChurchIf you want to know what Reformed Bap­tist Faith is, we rec­om­mend this arti­cle, What is Reformed Bap­tist? By Tom Hicks. In addi­tion, we believe that the pure Gospel of the Lord Jesus is the cen­tral mes­sage of the Bible.  We believe whole heart­ed­ly that sal­va­tion is through Christ alone.  There­fore, we preach Christ cru­ci­fied with­out any stain of apol­o­gy.  If you want to know about this Gospel of Jesus, you are very wel­come to con­tact us so that we can share this good news with you

About Brino Kumwenda

Brino is a reformed pas­tor.  He is a pas­tor of Christ­like Bap­tist Church in Mzuzu, the pri­ma­ry city of North­ern Malawi. He also teach­es lay lead­ers the­ol­o­gy.  He has also worked as a Chris­t­ian broad­cast­er for over 15 years. 

Tes­ti­mo­ny of Sal­va­tion

I grew up in Mzuzu City (where I am min­is­ter­ing). I was raised Roman Catholic and in a polyg­a­mous fam­i­ly. My mum raised me up.  Before I came to know the Lord, I took four years with­out attend­ing any kind of church ser­vice and being involved in any church activ­i­ty. I did that out of frus­tra­tion because I had passed to study at a Catholic sem­i­nary, very pres­ti­gious at the time, but lat­er I heard that the parish min­is­ter secret­ly replaced me with his nephew. That was enough rea­son for me to call all church­es and Chris­tians hyp­ocrites. 

From a life of a shaky out­ward moral­i­ty, I got into a life of open rebel­lion, such as drunk­en­ness, steal­ing, obscen­i­ty, and hatred towards the church. My suc­cess in sec­ondary schools’ Eng­lish dra­ma, being crowned best actor in the north­ern region for three times, only fed my pride and rebel­lion. It seemed I was mak­ing it with­out God!

I came to know the Lord in 2002. A pas­tor from a local Bap­tist church came to my home to share the gospel with me. I found him preach­ing to my sis­ter. The moment I saw him I was angry with him and ignored him, going straight into my house. There, with my broth­er, we start­ed gos­sip­ing about the pas­tor, call­ing him a hyp­ocrite just like any­body else. Mem­o­ries of the parish min­is­ter were very fresh. While gos­sip­ing about him, my sis­ter came into the house and told us that the preach­er want­ed to meet us, either where we were or where he was. The way the preach­er put that to us through our sis­ter was such that we had no option but to meet him. He was author­i­ta­tive and that hum­bled us. Since, in our com­mu­ni­ty, my broth­er and I were known for world­li­ness and hat­ing the church, we were ashamed of being seen with a pas­tor. There­fore, we told our sis­ter to invite him into our house. The pas­tor preached the gospel to us with such author­i­ty that I saw my wretched­ness. He was straight­for­ward. 

I must say this was my first time to encounter a preach­er of this nature. He called us what we were – rebels against God – and if we did not repent, we were head­ing to hell. But he also point­ed us to a for­giv­ing and lov­ing Lord who gave His own life for us. That day I repent­ed of my sins. My life so dras­ti­cal­ly changed that it shocked every­one who knew me in the com­mu­ni­ty. 

Soon after my con­ver­sion, I joined a Pres­by­ter­ian church in the area while the preach­er con­tin­ued to teach us God’s Word. I grew in my love for the Lord and His church. I began to see that God’s tru­ly saved peo­ple are beau­ti­ful after all, even though they are not per­fect. I dis­cov­ered most of the peo­ple I called Chris­tians were just nom­i­nal.

A year after con­ver­sion I felt the need to grow in the Lord more. In 2004, I was select­ed to attend African Bible Col­lege (ABC).